Manual contract modeling is a time-consuming and cumbersome task. More often than not, there are multiple parties and departments involved. The cumulative time taken by each of these entities to compare prices and provide a financially viable contract adds up to a substantial delay in the overall process. MDI Contract Modeler is an intelligent, refined contract modeling application that provides business intelligence, analyses and helps healthcare payers to negotiate financially sound and mutually acceptable contracts. With this tool, healthcare payers can not just save time and effort in the overall contracting process, but also drastically reduce
administration costs

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Examiners spend precious hours from their tight schedule on administrative tasks that can be automated, thus freeing them to prioritize critical aspects of their claims operations.

What can healthcare payers expect from Contract Modeler?

Perform Scenario Analysis

This tool allows you to conduct and analyze ‘what-if’ scenarios in order to be prepared for future pricing variations

Quantify Financial Impact

Healthcare payers can forecast financial implications well in advance in order to take the right decisions.

Provide Visual Representation

Visual representation of data, like graphical view and etc.

Analyze “Fee-Schedule” Variance

Tool helps to show display the comparison of fees schedule variance and flat fee, case rate variance. With a single click 'get' the comparison of different fees variance.

Negotiate Contracts Effectively

By automating the contract process, this tool enables healthcare payers to negotiate better contracts, while saving time and effort, without compromising on the quality of the document

Improve forecasting with Contract Modeler


Prevent future scenarios catching you on the wrong foot. With Contract Modeler, you can conduct what-if financial analysis for potential pricing scenarios that could emerge in the future


Contract Modeler can integrate with external applications to make your claims process more efficient. You can identify and analyze the geographical locations of providers with the help of
Google Maps


Bring greater levels of accuracy to your statistical analysis. Contract Modeler has the ability to define and/ or exclude outliers in a data set to help deliver more accurate results


Use technology to quickly compare rates and determine variance against standard fee-schedules to make the claims process
more efficient


Improve budgeting decisions by anticipating and forecasting future savings gleaned from actual historical claims

Tech Resources

The user-friendly interface enables even non-technical staff to access and conduct analysis on various data sets without any assistance from the IT/Tech support staff


Mage can speedily provide you with an accurate model of contract rate changes based on real-time claims data. This automated process can save you countless manual hours and also
enhance efficiency

Contract Type

Using Contract Modeler as a platform, evaluate various contracting models, such as fee for service, per diem, case rate including carve-outs/bundling & alterations of payment structures


Bring speed and efficiency to routine tasks in your claim processes. AI helps model, analyze and negotiate contracts quickly with limited effort

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