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Nearly every aspect of our world today is reliant on technology. And with new changes taking place almost every day, it can become challenging to keep pace with all the new developments. For businesses especially, this is a critical component of efficient operations. It is important to stay abreast of the latest in social media, mobility, analytics and cloud

At MDI NetworX, we understand the need for your business to use technology for growth and progress, and we use our expertise to help you achieve just that

We are committed to investing in emerging technologies, and we use every possible opportunity to bring the latest tech to our customers as well. Since our inception, we have utilized our technology DNA, together with our subject matter expertise in the healthcare payer space, to offer innovative and efficient tech services to all our clients

How we make it work

Design & Development: We take into account existing as well as the desired business process outcomes of our clients before sitting down at the drawing board. We work together with our customers and utilize our technical expertise to transform customer requirements into appropriate,
high-performing applications

Project Management: We are renowned for our professional processes where we often deliver more than what we’ve committed. Our projects are systematically divided into three phases - (a) Engagement, (b) Initiation, and (c) Execution and delivery. Each phase has clearly defined
steps and milestones

Quality & Security: We understand that security is a critical component of your claims process and as a ISO/ IEC 2700 certified company, our final tool offers you robust security. The most stringent industry practices have been put in place for testing and achieving the high quality of performance that our products are known for

  • Data migration
  • Review, verification, and validation of data
  • Quality assurance of data (displayed on the application)
  • Data transformation (in various formats)
  • Technical service desk support
  • Application design and development
  • Bug tracking and reporting
  • Application deployment
  • Design and implementation of new features
  • Product usability training or demo
  • Mobile solutions
  • Performance management
  • Application monitoring
  • Application maintenance
  • Change management
  • Configuration management
  • User and feature support

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