Golem is an accurate and timely claims capturing system that will significantly improve your business processes. It achieves this by seamlessly integrating automation and human workforce to deliver better workflow management. The elegant user interface provides your team with a seamless platform experience, and you will observe an immediate improvement in efficiency and productivity. The unified and flexible claims processing solution covers your front-end data capture process, from scrubbing images right up to conversion into the EDI format. Besides providing end-to-end administration of your frontend claims processing, this robust capture tool can also furnish reports in order to facilitate tracking of audit and production

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Examiners spend precious hours from their tight schedule on administrative tasks that can be automated, thus freeing them to prioritize critical aspects of their claims operations.

What makes Healthcare Payers prefer Golem?

One Solution for All Types of Claims

Golem is your single-point interface for capturing all types of claims, bringing speed and agility to your claims processing operations. The solution supports all formats and is connected to every database

HIPAA Compliant EDI

Data and file security is maintained to HIPAA standards, and healthcare payers need not worry about data loss or theft while it is being electronically transferred from one device to another

Enhanced Productivity

This state-of-the-art data capturing solution is fully-automated and can take over the more repetitive tasks of your claims operations. This leaves your staff free to focus on more critical areas of your operations, resulting in enhanced productivity and efficiency

Secured Application

The robust solution can be customized to offer multiple levels of access, depending on the permission levels of employees and other stakeholders, thus ensuring high levels of security. Additionally, strict adherence to all industry compliances safeguards all data

Workflow Management

Repetitive tasks are scheduled and controlled, ensuring better operational management, and the resultant workflow is smoother. Issues can be quickly identified and flagged, ensuring the right steps are taken to address them in a timely manner

Golem simplifies data capture

Minimize Training

Golem is easy to understand and deploy, and your team will quickly get onboard the user-friendly, flexible interface after a basic, simple training session


Reduce human actions and automate data capture processes to usher in greater levels of accuracy in your claims processing operations. Regularly conducted quality control audits assist in maintaining achieved accuracy standards

User Friendly

The intuitive, easy-to-use interface provides all the right stakeholders workflow and document management access as per their platform permission status


The robust frontend claims solution operates on open-ended architecture making it fully customizable to your exact need. The mature framework is scalable and can rapidly accommodate your evolving business requirements


We understand that the future workforce will display a perceptible shift towards a Work from Home setup, and the solution is designed to cater to that trend. Seamless collaboration between all stakeholders streamlines day-to-day operations, with the right associates being able to view, share and collaborate on documents simultaneously


The solution meets stringent security standards and your data stays secure even while being transferred across computers. The robust security includes 128/256 bit encryption


A single-point centralized data repository enables not just better access to data, but it also ensures data consolidation and rapid disaster recovery. This minimizes downtime and your operations can spring back quickly in the event of any accidental breach


Meeting and adhering to industry norms and compliance is easier with Golem since the solution has been designed to leverage HIPAA compliant tools and processes


The platform is independent of data formats and offers you unrestricted support for all forms of databases. Get the utmost flexibility in managing and storing records, documents and images, regardless of format, and get quick access as and when required

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