MDI Mage is a state of the art contract modeling application that enables contract and finance managers with advanced analytics to negotiate contracts that are financially viable and agreeable to the providers. This solution helps your contract management teams to perform in-depth, high-precision analysis of all provider contract scenarios ensuring reduction in time, cost and effort.

The tool uses actual historical claims data to forecast future costs making the analysis accurate. This user-friendly application runs multiple scenarios quickly, without IT staff support, substantially reducing the time, labor and costs associated with contract development and negotiations.



MDI Mage is an advanced analytical platform that reduces time and effort associated with contract analysis and provides greater insight and flexibility in provider negotiations. Key features are as follows:


Conduct what-if financial analysis for potential pricing scenarios.


Analyze the geographical locations of providers with the help of Google Maps.


Compare rates and determine variance against standard fee-schedules.


Ability to define or exclude outliers for accurate statistical analysis.


Model, analyze and negotiate contracts quickly with limited effort.


Accurately model, contract rate changes based on actual claims data.

Tech Resources

User-friendly interface allows analysis without IT/Tech staff support.


Forecast future savings based on actual historical claims for budgeting precision.

Contract Type

Evaluate various contracting models (Fee for service, per diem, case rate including carve-outs/bundling & alterations of payment structures).

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