MDI provides healthcare business process outsourcing (BPO) services to healthcare payers & related third party administrators to help them remain competitive and cost-efficient.We have a proven track record of leadership in providing end to end claims, enrollment, and quality processing services.We have the right experience, aptitude, and collective methodology needed to meet all your processing needs.

Claims Administration

Our experienced onshore and offshore claims adjudication & adjustment professionals ensure faster settlements, better accuracy and lower processing cost per claim thereby benefiting healthcare payers & TPAs.

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No Surprises Act

As No Surprises Act experts, our existing base of skilled manpower, years of experience on various core administration platforms makes us the ideal partner to help you adapt to this changing healthcare landscape.

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Digital Mailroom Management

Our ultra-modern technology allows us to effortlessly provide exceptional mailroom and scanning solutions to provide OCR ready (300 DPI) images to the organizations that need assistance in digitizing their papers.

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Data Capture

We use ML/AI enabled Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) technologies to capture data from printed / hand-written forms, correspondence documents and convert them into EDI.

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Member Enrollment

We provide high-quality member enrollment, premium billing, eligibility support and member fulfilment services to healthcare payers and related third party administrators.

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Business Rule Configuration

Our team of experienced and certified configuration analysts have the expertise to configure benefit plans, pricing, provider network etc. on all the popular claims administration platform.

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Quality Assurance

Our 1st Pass and 2nd Pass audit services help healthcare payers & TPAs to meet the service levels of their claims and provide them with re-training triggers to improve overall efficiency.

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Reporting & Analytics

We have a team of experienced and qualified MIS analysts and reporting specialists who can work on various complicated reporting tasks and ensure to accomplish within the stipulated turnaround time.

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IT Services

We are continuing to invest in emerging technologies since our inception and our technology DNA combined with our expertise in the healthcare insurance space makes us uniquely qualified to provide Tech Services to Payers & TPAs.

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