Healthcare industry has specific requirements for confidentiality, record access, workflow distribution, and reporting. DocGem software manages these critical requirements efficiently and securely along with the following:

  • File security as per HIPAA and HITECH standards
  • Easy tracking of all changes for audit purpose
  • User and group based access control
  • Regular backups provide excellent protection in case of disaster
  • Simpler record storage and retrieval (through a file server)
  • Helps save money by automating tasks & improving productivity




Secure and immediate access to all records from any Internet enabled PC.

Duplicate Records

Elimination of duplicate data.


Ability to search and retrieve documents by keywords.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Auto eliminate need for manual data entry.

Version Control

Ability to retain multiple revisions of documents along with previous versions.

Automated Workflow

Workflow solutions to remove shuffling of paper documents.

Ease of Installation

Easy installation and immediate user adoption.

Audit Trail

Complete audit trail of all documents with full reporting of each user.

Single Repository

One location to store all your documents to eliminate lost paperwork.

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