MDI provides digital mailroom solutions both on-site and off-site for health insurance organizations of any size. Our HIPAA compliant tools and processes have specifically been developed specifically for medical claims and have been implemented for many clients nationwide.

Through the use of industry leading scanning equipment, custom intelligent document capture software (Golem), online image indexing (DocGem), and workflow management systems (Workflow Tool), MDI transforms thousands of paper documents every day into digital products, are being delivered immediately to the appropriate teams in your organization in a secured fashion.

MDI Advantage

Accurately Capture Information

Store and Retrieve Easily

Secure Data and Records

Facilitate Remote Processing

Lower Operating Costs


We have tools and capabilities needed to build a custom mailroom, which can be implementation tailored around your company's requirements. Using our Golem claims processing solution, we can support end-to-end claims management process, beginning with the parsing and conversion of paper documents into EDI 4010 / 5010 formats. This custom software product provides complete flexibility when working with new customers and identifying their requirements - including the extraction of data from unique paper forms to the storage of this data in any ODBC database. We provide full support for all of the primary HIPAA EDI transaction formats.

MDI has experience in processing and converting all types of claims forms, including CMS1500 and UB04, RX claims, Medicaid claims, foreign claims, superbills, dental claims, vision claims.

The result is a highly efficient and accurate paper claims to EDI conversion process that can eliminate the need for manual data entry, thus lowering operating costs.


Mailroom Services

Our digital mailroom services provide you with a streamlined, auditable mail fulfillment process while eliminating your paper mail management, operational challenges and overhead.

Documents shipped or delivered directly to a dedicated P.O. box are opened, separated, sorted, and batched by hand for further processing. Trained document-management professionals are responsible for all manual processing and manual data entry as needed. A proprietary tracking system maintains real-time inventory control during these early stages of the document management process.


Imaging and Data Capture

Our services include document scanning and a combination of key-from-image and advanced data capture and recognition technologies such as OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition).

After the incoming documents are scanned, our fully customizable intelligent document capture software, Golem, uses OCR technology to extract the details that are required for cataloging and routing. The digitized documents are processed and indexed with multiple levels of integrated database validation.


Document Management

Our approach is summarized in following three steps:

  • Extract – Our software parses the scanned document images and employs OCR technology to extract details required for cataloging and conversion.
  • Convert – Claims conversion software translates the extracted information into required EDI (and/or custom) output formats.
  • Archive – The scanned images, extracted metadata, and resulting EDI output formats archived in document management solution, which are accessible from any internet-enabled device.

We have wide-ranging experience in processing and converting all types of claims forms to HIPAA compliant ANSI 4010 / 5010 EDI formats and uniquely qualified to automate your front-end claims process.

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