Golem is a comprehensive frontend claims processing solution that provides end-to-end administration of the frontend claim lifecycle. From scrubbing of claims images to conversion into EDI form, Golem manages the entire workflow behind an elegant, user interface. The application provides various reports to our clients to track production and audit information.

Golem integrates with our digital mailroom solution to allow an additional level of automation, which drives enhanced productivity.



Golem is a unified and flexible state-of-the-art claims processing solution, covering front-end data capture to complete automated claims processing all the way to EDI output generation. Key features of the application are as follows:


Enables associates to view, share and collaborate on documents simultaneously.

Minimize Training

Minimal training required for associates with the user friendly, flexible interface.


Assurance of higher accuracy through regular quality control audits.

User Friendly

Intuitive, easy to use interface with workflow and document management access.


The frontend solution is built using a fully scalable architecture.


Easily manages and stores records, documents and images regardless of format.


Robust security including 128/256 bit encryption.


Data consolidation and disaster recovery through the use of centralized repository.


Simplified regulatory compliance by leveraging HIPAA compliant tools and processes.

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