MDI NetworX simplifies data capturing from scanned documents for healthcare payers using a comprehensive, technologically-advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) based iCapture tool. This intelligent OCR/ICR-enabled tool automates and optimizes data capturing within the claim processing workflow, thereby enhancing productivity, increasing accuracy, and improving timeliness. Using the iCapture tool enables us to accurately extract business-critical data from scanned physical documents in the digitized, business-ready form.

MDI Advantage

99%+ Data Accuracy

Machine Learning enabled OCR/ICR

Faster Implementation

Less than 24 hours of Turnaround Time

HIPAA Compliant Output


This data digitizing tool electronically captures all text-based data printed on scanned images of various claim forms. Every field on the claim form is mapped in rows and columns so that the data picked from a particular field on the form automatically stores in the corresponding database field in an electronically exchangeable format. The iCapture tool is comparable to keying in the text by hand but less costly and much faster than a typical office worker keys.

MDI NetworX’s OCR/ICR technology-based iCapture tool comes pre-configured to process various types of medical forms. It can read all the fields in the CMS 1500 (formerly HCFA 1500), UB04, Rx Claim, Medicaid Claim, Foreign Claim, Dental Claim forms, and others to optimize healthcare claim processing workflow.

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