When it comes to performance and efficiency management, there are many applications in the market that make life comfortable and easy, then what sets InsightPRO apart from the rest? InsightPRO provides a one-stop solution for handling operations, quality, and training effectively. This tool can be customized to the exact needs of the client. It also offers complete transparency with the overall process efficiency, resource performance, inventory optimization, productivity improvement, and aging analysis.


Automatic Work Distribution

Manage resources work distribution effortlessly and efficiently.

Enhanced Production Planning and Control

Plan production, receive SLA based notifications & control production on the forecast.

Query Resolution

Get realtime query resolution from our virtual InsightPRO assistant.

Automatic Quality Sampling

Configure various sampling methods, performing quality checks on the targeted process, people or guidelines.

Robust Rebuttal Process

Make intelligent decisions by providing end-to-end audit and rebuttal mechanism for error handling.

Automatic Notifications

Receive real time updated instructions & potential error alerts to improve the overall quality.

Training Need Analysis

Receive auto update on target areas for training and improvement.

Dashboards & Analytics

Make smarter and data driven decisions based on actionable insights into key performance indicators & business metrics.

Integration with Claims Platform

Seamless connectivity with Claims platform through APIs and direct connection.

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