MDI NetworX provides fully scalable, end-to-end digital mailroom and document services for healthcare payers across the US fully tailored to their business needs. We take care of receiving, opening, prepping, sorting, and distributing your important paper-based documents and emails at the point of arrival so that you have business processes that are streamlined and information that is managed electronically from the start. This helps healthcare payers increase member satisfaction while minimizing administrative costs.

Let’s face it: a large chunk of the claims submitted to the US healthcare payers are still in the paper form. While healthcare is one of the largest and fastest-growing sectors of the US economy with the most advanced systems to manage it, many insurance claims submitted to healthcare payers by hospitals are still paper-based. 

With growing health plan memberships and demanding regulatory compliance, once simple operational processes have now turned into tedious and challenging tasks. Managing enormous amounts of paper-based records while maintaining data integrity is not only manually intensive for the payer’s staff, but also a growing reason of member dissatisfaction and revenue loss caused due to delays associated with paperwork. Unwanted delays in processing also expose payers to non-compliance risks that result in costly fines.

As customer experience becomes the new battleground for the healthcare industry, inefficient document and mailroom processing can quickly become the weak link. 

Today, healthcare payers are struggling to cope up with the enormous and constantly growing volume of physical and electronic media arriving every day from customers, lawyers, agents, brokers, and related industry professionals. In addition, paper-based information presents challenges to staff efficiency, information security, and privacy along with a risk of introducing manual errors during the processing. 

If your in-house resources are unable to meet the increasing mailroom demands or have lost track in between, outsourcing mailroom services to MDI NetworX can put an end to your mailroom worries. 

MDI NetworX provides complete healthcare mailroom and document services to improve operational efficiency, customer experience, and regulatory compliance while optimizing costs. 

With our document and mailroom service, healthcare payers can expedite their business processes by eliminating paper at the 'front door'. The physical documents and emails are received, prepped, sorted, and batched by hand for digital conversion and scanning by our team of well-trained document-management professionals. Paper documents, drawings, images—virtually anything on a document can be scanned into digital files.

Our state-of-the-art data-capture systems, advanced optical character recognition solutions, and high-volume production scanners make digitizing paper records more efficient while guaranteeing quality in mail processing. 

  • Using Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) technology to scan documents at speed of 300 pages per minute at a resolution of 300 dpi
  • Utilizing state-of-the-art production scanners to digitize millions of images every month for our clients

After the scanning process, each document is classified according to your specified business rules and undergoes an indexing process with a unique identification and reference code to ensure data accuracy and security during processing and storage. The captured and transformed data is kept in an intelligent, centralized data repository without the risk of loss or corruption.

When data flows digitally, costs go down, while quality and efficiency improvements. 

MDI NetworX has emerged as a trusted name in providing outsourced mailroom services for healthcare payers. We also bring together the right people, technology, and innovation in the healthcare industry, we pride ourselves in successfully managing back-office operations of the top US healthcare payers helping them transform their document and mailroom functions to improve operational efficiency and boost customer satisfaction. 

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