Team Leader - Operations (Claims)

MDNXSE10 | Pune


  1. The candidate should have worked as a Team Leader / Designated Team Leader for at a year.
  2. Should have minimum 5+ years in Adjudication / Adjustments / Provider Maintenance
  3. Should be willing to work in any provided shift / time.
  4. Should have strong US Healthcare Knowledge
  5. Should have sound knowledge of CPT Codes/Diagnosis Codes
  6. Should be aware of Authorization Process
  7. Should know the pre-adjudication and post adjudication processes of Claim Life Cycle
  8. Should be able to comprehend English
  9. Should be flexible with shift timings
  10. Should be able to work independently
  11. Should be able to communicate with various stakeholders
  12. Should be able to conduct sessions and provide OJT Support.


  1. Assist team members with queries and take ownership of their targets & goals
  2. Need to manage a team of 10-15 associates
  3. Adherences of the following norms
  4. Attendance
  5. Punctuality
  6. Reporting
  7. Completion of work

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